2017 AFN Europe Affiliate Managers’ Workshop 

Workshop Agenda



Digital Glue: Ms. Wendy Rood
The new AFRTS decoder

AFRTS Team: Mr. Erik Brazones; Mr. Mike Frank; Mr. James Kresge; SMSgt Jason “JD” David
DVB-S2 Update
Rights Management & Meetings w/Industry
Policy Discussion: Sponsors
Tech Talk

Lunch (1230 – 1400)

AFRTS Senior Enlisted Advisor: CMSgt Brian Jones
Enlisted issues and Q&A

AFRTS Ops Manager: SMSgt Jason “JD” David
Award Writing

AFN Broadcast Center: Mr. George Smith
AFN Affiliate Relations, AFN 75th Anniversary and AFN Eagle Radio

Day One Survey (Closed)

Dinner on your own



Property Book Officer: Mr. Oswald Dioses
Property Accountability (HQ AFNE will attend this block)

AFNE Logistics: Mr. Neal Kristofferson and AFNE Budget: Mr. Teddy Deshazier
Government Purchase Card (GPC) program, Government Travel Card (GTC) program, DTS

AFNE First Sergeant: 1SG Michael Noggle and AFNE SEL: CSM Paul Schultz
Working Group

RMC News Chief: Mr. Scott Wakefield
RMC Perspective

Lunch (1200 – 1330)

AFNE J1: YN1 Jediolani Yap and SSgt Jae Solina
Taking Care of People

HQ AFNE Plans & Training Manager / Eagle Radio Mentor: Mr. Gary Bautell
The State of Radio

Day Two Survey (Closed)

Field Trip: Rundfunk Museum (Münchweiler)

Dinner on your own



Affiliate Leaders
Best Practices

Product Review: Mr. Bill Hickman, Mr. Jack Martin, MSgt Christina Nelson, Gary Bautell
Proper critiques and use of Peer Review Program

Lunch (1200-1330)

Superstation Breakouts: Superstation Managers

AFNE Director: Mr. Doug Smith
State of the Network / Q&A

Day Three Survey

Team Social / Dinner (required): Das Brauhaus an der Gartenschau
Forellenstrasse 6 · 67659 Kaiserslautern



Other Documents

Affiliate Manager’s Handbook (3/6/2017)

DODM 5120.20 – Management of American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS)

AFRTS Station Operations (AFRTS SOP 80-01)

AFRTS Broadcast Production Content Standards (AFRTS SOP 80-02)

AFRTS Requirements & Acquisitions (AFRTS SOP 80-03)

Broadcast Production and Workload Reporting (DRAFT – V1.9) (AFRTS SOP 80-04)

AFRTS Non-Standard Productions SOP

Broadcast Levels of Service & Systems Guide (Oct 28 2015)

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